With a Peri gas torch in your hand, you have a very precise form of instant heat that has an amazing number of uses. The concentrated spot heat created by the burning of gas under pressure means that you can create very high temperatures in very small spaces, so much so that even metals can be melted in tight spots.

Propane and Super-MAP torches are the most effective at creating high burning temperatures so brazing and light welding are no problem for these torches. Butane torches, on the other hand, burn at a lower temperature so these are good for soldering and great for use in the kitchen. Chefs in commercial kitchens are never without a Butane torch.

Key Features of PERI

Designed for NZ Tradies

Not just for home or DIY use, Tradies are well catered for in our premium range of Peri products.

Durable and Efficient

We source only the best and most efficient gas appliances from manufacturers around the world.

Family Owned and Operated

We are a family owned company and have been operating successfully in New Zealand since 1960.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use my torch with the gas fully open?

If you are brazing or welding, you will get a hotter flame with the gas fully open. However, when using butane products in the kitchen, it is often better to have a smaller flame, especially if you are using a larger torch, to avoid burning food and giving a finer control over using the torch.

My gas torch is heating up to red hot and melting the plastic on the torch.

This can happen if the gas is igniting inside the burner tube, instead of outside the tube in the open air. This will cause the burner tube to glow red hot and will damage the torch if it continues. This situation can occur if insufficient gas is coming out of the burner tube when it is ignited. In such cases, turn off the torch and allow to cool. Then turn the gas full on and ignite as per the instructions.

I have lost the instructions that came with my torch. Where can I find new instructions?

You can download instructions directly from this website. Just go to the torch in question and you will see a download button.

Can I connect my 9kg gas bottle to my Peri torch?

Yes you can. A 9kg gas bottle will power your torch for much longer and at a cheaper cost but it will not burn quite as hot as Propane or Super-MAP gas. You will need our special adaptor PHTA to connect the bottle and torch.